Moving in to New House: What You Need to Know

Shaftsbury Serviced Residences, March 2016
Shaftsbury Serviced Residences, March 2016

There are several important things to know before moving in to your new house. Moving in can be a tedious process and it is easy to miss out on several important things. For example, once the house is occupied, you probably would not want to do major renovation such as plaster ceiling.

Preparation before Vacant Possession

It is best if you can make sufficient preparation before Vacant Possession (VP). Among them include on what kind of renovation you would need to do on your new house.

Some houses are semi or fully furnished. Even for fully furnished ones, you probably would want to make some changes on the house to your liking.

Set appointment to pick up your key

VP date is fixed already, and the Defect Liability Period (DLP) starts after VP. Hence, it is recommended for you to pick up your key as soon as possible to maximise the benefits of DLP.

Getting Ready for House Inspection

House Inspection is a process to find any of the defects from the house constructed. Regardless of the developer’s profile and reputation, you are strongly recommended to look for professional service in defect inspection.

For a typical 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom apartment in Malaysia, the inspection charge ranges from RM 250.00 to RM 400.00. It is best to look around for the best service provider. The providers usually check for inspection based on QLASSIC standard, therefore it is recommended for you to look for the ones with good reputation.

Some of us would want to save money and prefer to do it by themselves. Well, getting yourself a QLASSIC certification is not that expensive. However, if you are new to this area, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Monitoring Defect Rectification

Do occasional visit to check whether defects are being rectified properly.

Moving in to Your New House: Way Forward

Once moved in, you can plan on the next round of renovation already. Give yourself time to live in the house and determine what is necessary for the next round of renovation.


Once moving it, do consider if you need to make additional wiring to accommodate for your home networking equipments. Check out our guide on home networking here.

Additionally, you probably would want to make your new house smart. More information on Smart Home here.

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