Cooking Gas Price in Malaysia

Cooking gas price (Malaysia) as of February 2021
Cooking gas price (Malaysia) as of February 2021

In case if you are wondering how much is the cooking gas price in Malaysia, read on to find the answer.

Cooking Gas Price in Malaysia by Cylinder Size

The price is determined by the Malaysian government according to cylinder size. The following are the prices (not including any applicable delivery charges).

10 kg: RM 19.00

12 kg: RM 22.80

14 kg: RM 26.60

Subsidy by Malaysian Government

In 2019, Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has tabled a PAC report on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Subsidy Management under Ministry of Finance (MOF). Some shocking findings were summarised as below:

  1. PAC found that there was no clear policy and procedure on issuance of LPG subsidies;
  2. PAC also found that there was no specific definition for the domestic use category;
  3. PAC also found that there was no limit on claimable amount that the six (6) subsidised LPG suppliers can make;
  4. PAC was given the testimonies that the subsidised LPG was sold to users such as laundry shop, hotel and restaurant operators;
  5. PAC was informed that there had not been any study on LPG consumption in the breakdown according to state, category and number of users, making it difficult for enforcement;
  6. PAC was informed that there was no data available regarding the leakage of the subsidised LPG which was smuggled out of the country, thus making it difficult to for enforcement to be carried out; and
  7. PAC was informed that according to Auditor General’s Department, an estimated leakage of government money of RM1.72 billion occurred in those three years from 2015 to 2017 due to failure in defining domestic users.

Clearly, the Malaysian government has spent a huge amount on providing subsidy for LPG domestic users. We believe the domestic use of the cooking gas is meant for personal use at private residences only. However, the monitoring and enforcement of the subsidy can be tricky due to the sentiments involved, especially with small traders and stall operators.

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