Kedai Kopi Sudin, Cyberjaya

Kedai Kopi Sudin, Cyberjaya - March 2021
Kedai Kopi Sudin, Cyberjaya - March 2021

Kedai Kopi Sudin is a Malaysian-themed breakfast cafe located near MKN Embassy Techzone, jalan Teknokrat 2, Cyberjaya. The cafe specialises in selling Malay breakfast delicacies.

Update 29 October 2021: Kedai Kopi Sudin remains a popular breakfast spot at Cyberjaya. As dine-in are now allowed for fully vaccinated people, you can expect to queue to get a place to dine in during the weekends.

Kedai Kopi Sudin: The Specials

Kopi Ais, Kedai Kopi Sudin - March 2021
Kopi Ais, – March 2021

Customers can have their Kopi Ais fix for a reasonable price here. The concept is similar to food court. Some of the food stalls inside handle their own food order and payment. Therefore, you will have to pay separately.

The food offering is mostly Malay food.

Roti Ratib, Kedai Kopi Sudin - March 2021
Roti Ratib – March 2021

Apart from that, those who miss Roti Titab can have a similar kind of bread here at Kedai Kopi Sudin. Here, the menu is listed as roti ratib, probably because of the trademark issue with the original roti titab somewhere else. We have not found any other breakfast outlet selling this kind of menu. Probably, this is the only and only outlet selling the bread with kaya spread and soft boiled egg. The bread is nicely baked and the soft-boiled egg was cooked nicely. However, those who miss roti titab should definitely try the original one at Kelantan.

With the implementation of MCO/EMCO, the fate of Kedai Kopi Sudin is unknown. Those who patronise the cafe before clearly enjoyed the ambiance and would like to have their meals at the location. However, the prohibition of dine-in service can have a dire effect on retail outlets like this one. As of October 2021, the COVID-19 infection rate is going down and people has begun to patronise restaurants around them. This outlet is still one of the most popular place to have breakfast in Cyberjaya.

Check out their Instagram page for more information. sudin (@kedaikopisudin) • Instagram photos and videos

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