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The Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) is an organization that discovers and empowers technology startups and social innovators through creativity, innovation, and technology adoption. It aims to develop a vibrant and sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem in Malaysia.

MaGIC’s vision is to build a vibrant and sustainable Startup and Social Enterprise ecosystem built on impact-driven innovation and inclusivity. Its mission is to build high economy and social impact by nurturing and navigating local Startup and Social Enterprise into successful and sustainable businesses, cultivating a creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial culture, enabling a thriving and sustainable entrepreneurial landscape, catalyzing globalization opportunities through acceleration and market access, and empowering the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation.

Since its inception in 2014, MaGIC has provided its community of start-ups, investors, and ecosystem players with capacity-building programs, market & funding opportunities, and regulatory assistance that impacted more than 100,000 aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs with an overall value creation of RM1.9 billion.

Despite being an innovation powerhouse, MaGIC has failed to show example of how modern Cyberjaya can be – lacklustre atmosphere of foreign investment into Cyberjaya and lack of robust public transport system. It remains a far cry of what Cyberjaya has aspired to be decades ago. In its early days, even the police station gets a special treatment – a distinctive architecture for such building.

MaGIC Cyberjaya – MRANTI

MaGIC is now part of MRANTI. Despite its arduous journey, MaGIC remains an important part of Cyberjaya history.

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