Assessment Tax for MPSepang (Cukai Taksiran)

Cyberjaya City View, December 2016
Cyberjaya City View, December 2016

All property owners located under MPSepang’s jurisdiction are required to pay assessment tax (Cukai Taksiran).

The Cukai Taksiran is billed twice every year, and the amount could vary year by year. As such, remember to check how much you need to pay in every billing cycle.

Cukai Taksiran for New Property Owners

If your property is new and you have not paid any Cukai Taksiran previously, chances are your Cukai Taksiran has already been generated but somehow the notice was not sent to your property address. Hence, the best way is to call MPSepang directly to enquire about your Cukai Taksiran.

If you call their Customer Service, they will ask you on your address. To keep the conversation short, just mention that you have recently bought a newly-completed property and would like to enquire about Cukai Taksiran (Assessment Tax). Usually, the staff is aware of the new property developments and will right away ask for your unit number.

After you told them your unit number, they will verify your identity by asking for your name. Then, they will ask for your contact details (phone number and email). Provide both information to them and ask them to send the Cukai Taksiran bill to your email address.

The overall process is quick and you can even ask them to wait on the phone while you check your email. Of course, you need to be considerate by having your email system right in front of you to check whether you have received the electronic bill from them or not.

Then, you will have several options to pay your bill, either by online banking via JomPAY or Credit Card. After you make your payment, please allow for about one week for the payment to be processed. Upon successful processing, you will see RM 0.00 as payable amount the next time you check your account.

MPSepang ePerkhidmatan Account Registration

Property Owners are advised to register for ePerkhidmatan account, which is accessible here.

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