Campur Campur Kitchen, DPULZE Cyberjaya

Campur Campur Kitchen is a fusion restaurant located in DPULZE Shopping Centre, Cyberjaya. It has a diverse type of cuisines.

Campur Campur Kitchen (2017)
Menu (2017)

It has Indonesian, Chinese and Thai cuisines.

Campur Campur Kitchen (Outside, 2017)
Campur Campur Kitchen (Outside, 2017)

You can choose the outdoor dining area in case if you would like to have some fresh air outside.

Campur Campur Kitchen Menu

We don’t have the proper menu here, but from our experience, the menu items are reasonably priced. Check out the complete menu here on Zomato.

Campur Campur Kitchen (Butter Chicken with Rice, 2017)
Butter Chicken with Rice, 2017

They are taking great care in doing food presentation.

Campur Campur Kitchen (Butter Chicken, 2017)
Butter Chicken, 2017

The butter chicken is quite delicious. Not too spicy, suitable for those who are not into spicy food. Nevertheless, you still can feel the spiciness.

It looks like they do not have an official website. A quick search revealed a Facebook page, believed to be owned by the restaurant. Check out the link here.

Ah Cheng Laksa – DPULZE Shopping Centre, Cyberjaya

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to try Ah Cheng Laksa in DPULZE Shopping Centre, Cyberjaya. As the name says, I sure did try their assam laksa.

Ah Cheng Laksa - DPULZE Shopping Centre 2017-02-06 13.29.45
Ah Cheng Laksa – DPULZE Shopping Centre 2017-02-06 13.29.45


They have huge fish for their assam laksa menu but you need to pay extra for that.

Ah Cheng Laksa - DPULZE Shopping Centre 2017-02-06 13.30.25
Ah Cheng Laksa – DPULZE Shopping Centre 2017-02-06 13.30.25

The price is quite okay, with assam laksa starting from RM 8.90. They also have other snacks and beverages. Ais kacang is also sold at the outlet.

More information can be found at their website,

Jaya Grocer, DPULZE Shopping Centre

Store Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.

I like Jaya Grocer because they are strategically located and offers good stuff.
So what are the good stuff am I talking about?

1) Turnip aka “Sengkuang”. Finding good turnip can be quite a challenge. One does not simply walk into a grocery store and buy turnips. You might end up getting the ones that are not so fresh. On the other hand, usually the ones I bought from Jaya Grocer is fresh and tastes nice.

2) St. Dalfour Blueberry Fruit Jam. No sugar added. Whole fruit goodness. Priced at slightly above RM 10, I would think twice before I “splurge” the jam on my bread.

Yeah, another shot of it.

 3) AriZona Green Tea with Ginseng. The can is huge. Really huge. 680 ml. It’s not too sweet (for this flavor).
Andddd this is AriZona.