Cyberjaya’s New Masterplan: What Do You Need To Know

Late 2020, Cyberview introduced “Cyberjaya’s New Masterplan” to the public. The idea is to turn the city into the nucleus of Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor. Cyberjaya Implementation Council held a meeting recently and it was chaired by the Chief Secretary to the Government, Tan Sri Mohd Zuki Ali. He is also the chairman of Cyberview. The Zones Under the new master plan, Cyberjaya is divided … Continue reading Cyberjaya’s New Masterplan: What Do You Need To Know

Hospital Cyberjaya (2020)

AstraZeneca Booking System: How Can It Be Better

CYBERJAYA, 26 May 2021: Many Malaysians voiced their frustrations online on AstraZeneca Vaccine system booking on JKJAV’s website, Complaints about unresponsive site and green-but-full booking slots indicating the company is not competent to handle huge amount of bookings at once. Since there have been multiple times of booking sessions before, enormous traffic amount is not uncommon. As such, JKJAV is obligated to seek a … Continue reading AstraZeneca Booking System: How Can It Be Better

Hospital Cyberjaya (2020)

Hospital Cyberjaya for COVID-19 Treatment

CYBERJAYA, 23 May 2021: Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH/KKM) is looking at the possibility of using Hospital Cyberjaya as the treatment centre for COVID-19 patients. This is because of the sharp increase in the number of patients seeking treatment for COVID-19. Malaysiakini has reported that the ministry is considering to utilise the hospital together with Hospital Pakar Kanak-kanak Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HPKK UKM) as COVID-19 … Continue reading Hospital Cyberjaya for COVID-19 Treatment

Cyberjaya Hospital, August 2020

Cyberjaya Hospital Remained Unopened

CYBERJAYA, 18 May 2021: Cyberjaya Hospital will be vacant for a foreseeable future. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has put too much strain on the Malaysian healthcare system and new hospitals are currently not able to be opened. This includes Cyberjaya Hospital, which will remain unopened for now. Cyberjaya Hospital Remained Unopened, Why? Sources from other facility owned by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) pointed out that … Continue reading Cyberjaya Hospital Remained Unopened