[ MCO 3.0 ] Eateries are Allowed to Operate Until 10pm

Campur Campur Kitchen (Outside, 2017)
Campur Campur Kitchen (Outside, 2017)

CYBERJAYA, 28 June 2021 – Under newly-revised SOP, the Malaysian government has allowed eateries to operate until 10pm. This is done after close consultation with stakeholders and considering the plight of the rakyat to have more time to buy food.

The move is timely due to several factors. Among them is to reduce strain on peak demand on the restaurants, especially during 6pm-8pm dinner time. Food operators around Cyberjaya has been complaining that they have problems in catering to the sharp increase in demand during 6pm-8pm order period.

We sincerely hope that the move will help to alleviate burden of food sellers as many of them are already suffering by the implementation of MCO. Besides, longer operating hours also allows people to have more time to purchase their food and reduce potential overcrowding at the location.

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