TM Customer Service – How to Reach Them

TMpoint Cyberjaya, January 2016
TMpoint Cyberjaya, January 2016

TM is a major telecommunications company in Malaysia. They provide various telecommunication services such as fibre broadband, cellular service and other related services. Reaching out to TM customer service team may not be a pleasant experience for some. However, in recent years the company has shown tremendous improvement in offering various support options to their customers.

On their social media channels, they are quite helpful and attentive when it comes to serving the needs of their customers.

If you are located at Cyberjaya or a nearby area, you can visit TMpoint Cyberjaya for your support needs.

TM Customer Service Channels

Live Chat: The live chat is available on their website.

Myunifi App: Users can download and use the app, which is available on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

unifi Community: TM has set up a platform for users to exchange opinions as well as tips and tricks on dealing with the service.

Contact Form: If you would like to describe the problem in detail and wish to put it in writing, you can make use of this form.

Twitter: Send tweets or DMs to them via this profile,

Facebook: Facebook users can submit their feedback via this platform.

For more information, check out their Customer Support page.

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4 Responses

  1. Ahmad Zafri says:

    I need to change address of service due to shifting house. Do i need to fill any kind of form? Date of shifting 23.5.2022

    • dxmy says:

      I believe the best way is to try to contact TM customer service and if filling a form is required, they will instruct you to do so.

  2. Saira Riaz says:

    My 2 years contract with Unify is ending on 22nd March. If i want to continue what should i do ?

  3. Isam Ahmed Basheir says:

    Is TM Point available on the weekend ?

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