Taco Bell, Cyberjaya

Taco Bell paper container - May 2021
Taco Bell paper container - May 2021

Taco Bell Cyberjaya is a Mexican-themed fast food restaurant located at Persiaran APEC, Cyberjaya. It is located near to KFC Cyberjaya.

Taco Bell Cyberjaya Outlet

Taco Bell outlet at Cyberjaya was opened on Friday, 2 April 2021. Cyberjaya customers can get their taco fix here. When it was first opened, so many customers are queueing. This is not a surprise as the restaurant is the first Taco Bell outlet in Malaysia. The queue does not stop, even when the Malaysian government imposed strict Movement Control Order or total lockdown. However, the number of people patronising the restaurant saw a decline.

This outlet features a glass window by their kitchen. While you are waiting, you can see what the crews are doing at the kitchen.

Taco Bell Menu

Check out the menu snapshot below for their current offerings.

Beverage selections include Taco Bell Sparklers, Coffee & Tea (Hot and Cold), and Pepsi. Additionally, dine-in customers get free refills for Pepsi.

Ordering at Taco Bell

If you are ordering take-away, you will be given a “coaster pager” which vibrates when you order is ready. There is minimal dine-in space at the ground level of the restaurant. We are unsure whether this is to accommodate with the new norm post-COVID-19 or it has been designed that way.

Update July 2021: Due to current government restriction, dine-in is not available yet at Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Food Delivery

If you are not keen to go to the location to have your food delivered, you can also place your order online via Foodpanda delivery platform. Taco Bell Cyberjaya is now available on Foodpanda delivery platform and the delivery price is reasonable.

Take-away Packaging

Most of the orders will be packed in paper bag or container. As far as we know, no plastic bag will be given. For example, Nachos is served in a paper-based container.

Other than regular tacos, customers can also try their burrito.

Price: Expensive or Not?

If you are used to buy Taco Bell from United States, you will find their Malaysian pricing to be a bit expensive. It is probably because of the ingredient cost here. Other than that, probably the portion is bigger here in Malaysia. Like many other international brands, the price point may not be what it seems.

Check out their website here.

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