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Cyberjaya, 10 November 2021 – The Malaysian government through Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) has decided to merge Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) and Technology Park Malaysia into a single entity, MRANTI.

Objective of the Formation of MRANTI

The new government agency is established to facilitate the technological advancement process in Malaysia. It is expected to play a key role in accelerating commercialisation of Malaysia’s technology and innovation.


When MaGIC was first established, general Malaysian population is largely optimistic on its ability to cultivate innovation and technology-centred culture in Malaysia.

We had the opportunity to ask MaGIC’s CEO, Ashran Dato’ Ghazi (when he was still holding the post) on what is his vision on Cyberjaya as the new technology hub. He was quite optimist on the new lease of life given to Cyberjaya. Cyberjaya during its early days managed to attract many Multi-national Companies (MNCs) to operate here. However, not many are able to sustain their operation here for various reasons.

Startup is a relatively new field in Malaysia and it requires a conducive ecosystem for it to grow. For decades, Malaysian government has been trying to do it right by utilising various channels. Among them is to give various incentives and putting the startups together “under one roof”.

It appears to us that we are currently lacking a conducive ecosystem, not government initiatives. As such, the decision to merge together TPM and MaGIC is very welcomed so that the operation can be streamlined and initiatives can be executed in an efficient manner.


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