The Street Mall, Cyberjaya

The Street Mall is an outdoor concept shopping mall located at Persiaran Multimedia, Cyberjaya. It consists of Street Mall 1 and Street Mall 2. It is a centre for boutiques, various shops and restaurants. DPULZE Shopping Centre is located on the opposite side of the road.


The mall was developed by Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd. It is the first shopping mall in Cyberjaya. The developer aims to strike a healthy balance between urban shopping environment and the nature by incorporating indoor garden, water fountain, gazebos, garden paths and courtyards.

The mall was a popular attraction back then when commercial outlets in Cyberjaya were scarce. Some MMU students in late 2000s probably can relate with how popular this mall was. Additionally, it is also the location for Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science (CUCMS).

In 2015-2017, the mall appears to be largely unoccupied, with only a handful of shops still open, such as Kyros Kebab and a convenience store.

The Street Mall, Cyberjaya – Open or Not?

As of July 2021, The Street Mall is not open. However, it is unknown whether there is renovation taking place or some developers are intending to develop the area.


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