New Facebook Data Center at Luleå, Sweden

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and owner of Facebook has posted some new photos about the first Facebook data centre built outside of the origin country (USA).

The new data center, located at northern part of Sweden, takes advantage of its cold climate. The new data center is 10% more efficient and uses 40% less power compared to its traditional counterparts, according to Mark.

Here are some photos he shared on Facebook:


Snapchat Blamed for 107mph Crash

April 26 2016, USA: Wentworth Maynard has filed a lawsuit against Christal McGee and Snapchat for being responsible in an accident. The accident has caused Maynard to suffer from traumatic brain injury, the lawsuit said.

Snapchat, along with McGee was blamed for causing the accident. McGee was capturing herself in a selfie with “speed filter”, a feature in Snapchat that allows picture taken with speed of the device (which also means the speed of car).

What’s even worse is a passenger in McGee’s car claimed she had hit 113 mph, faster than originally claimed in the compliant.

Snapchat has declined to comment on the lawsuit but added that “the app has always included a warning not to use it while driving”.

While driving itself can be a fun and enjoyable, drivers are getting more distracted than ever, especially with the advent of smartphones and social media platforms.

Source: CNN Money report