Apple Stores in Cyberjaya

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Apple devices are very common among Malaysians and Cyberjaya residents also need a place for them to enquire or shop for Apple devices.

List of Apple-affiliated Stores in Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya has a number of Apple-affiliated stores.

Machines – DPULZE Shopping Centre

In 2021, Machines has opened an outlet in DPULZE Cyberjaya.

IT World – Kanvas SOHO

IT World has operated their outlet at Kanvas SOHO for many years already.


Switch does not have any outlet in Cyberjaya at the moment. Closest one to you is at Alamanda Putrajaya.

Repair Options for Your Apple Devices in Cyberjaya

Thunder is the name of repair shop affiliated with Thunder Match. Nearest one to Cyberjaya is at Conezion near to IOI City Mall.

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