Is It Cheaper to Own A Mac?

Apple Store, New York City - June 2013
Apple Store, New York City - June 2013

Is it cheaper to own a Mac? If you think long-term, yes it is. Firstly, we need to address the classic Mac-vs-PC question. If you can answer this question confidently that you would like to have a Mac as your preferred machine choice, then you can proceed to read this article.

We wish we want to cover the classic argument of Microsoft vs Apple ecosystem but we think it is better for us to deal with it in another article.

Outright Cost: Most PCs are Cheaper

Macs have a tightly-integrated ecosystem. If you purchase a Mac, chances are your will need a handful kind of adaptors to suit your needs.

Durability: Macs are More Durable than Most PCs

With exception of the old Macbook, these days Mac models are constructed with aluminium. In contrast, consumer-grade Windows notebooks are mostly constructed from plastic, which makes them more vulnerable to accidental physical damage.

Parts Availability: Easier to Find Mac Parts

Due to fewer models on the market, it is much easier to find a spare part for Mac. Compare this to a Windows notebook from a lesser-known brand.

Long Release Interval: Carefully-designed Macs

New models of Mac do not get released as often as their Windows counterpart. As such, whenever Apple releases new Mac model, the improvement can be substantial. The huge gaps between generation enables the R&D team to focus more on a particular product development and fine-tune it to maximise customer satisfaction. It is not about fufilling the desires of the customers. Instead, product development is about understanding what the customers want even before they say they want it.


The build quality of a Mac rivals pro-grade Windows notebooks. Therefore Macs are more likely to survive accidental drops and damages. Besides, due to fewer models being released, it is also easier for customers to find spare parts for their Mac. Is it cheaper to own a Mac? If you are looking for a computer that you can use long-term, Mac is a way to go.

Based on our opinion, Lenovo’s Thinkpad product line can be a worthy rival to Macs. Besides, for consumer-grade notebooks, Huawei is clearly catching up with their clean design and aluminium build material. As more and more Windows notebook manufacturers get the idea of customer satisfaction, we can expect a healthy competition between the two worlds of OS.



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