WordPress Cloudflare Plugin Conflict

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If you are running Cloudflare plugin concurrently with Litespeed on your WordPress installation, chances are you will see an alert message on the Dashboard menu. This is due to WordPress Cloudflare plugin conflict with Litespeed plugin.

No reason was specified on the alert but it is best if you choose either one (Litespeed or Cloudflare).

As such, in order for you to solve the WordPress Cloudflare plugin conflict, you are advised to disable either one of the plugin.

Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service utilising many of its servers globally. It operates on a freemium model whereby users can start for free and pay for additional services should they feel necessary.

Like Cloudflare, Litespeed is also a reputable CDN service provider. Users can also start for free and add paid service after. In terms of implementation, Litespeed has some siginificant differences compared to Cloudflare.

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