Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

Domino's Pizza - September 2017
Domino's Pizza - September 2017

Domino’s Pizza is a pizza restaurant chain currently operating in Malaysia. They have a huge number of outlets throughout Malaysia. Its competitors include Pizza Hut and US Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza Strategy in Malaysia

Before Domino’s Pizza became what it is today, Pizza Hut was a common household name in Malaysia. Domino’s Pizza agressive marketing strategy has proven to be a huge success in Malaysia. Many young, tech-savvy customers in Malaysia are into promotion and limited-time offers. Domino’s offer exactly that and it has helped to bolster its position as a leading pizza chain in Malaysia.

Apart from that, the chain is also successful in promoting its brand. Their casual take on social media is also a great success with high engagement rate among the social media users, especially those on Twitter. Before their day, brands in Malaysia took a more formal approach in handling social media. This approach does not sit well with consumers, who are on social media to have informal communications.

When brands use more casual approach in social media, it helps them to capture a certain group of social media users – young and tech-savvy ones. Fret not, this is a significant customer base.

Product Pricing

It is cheap for you to purchase a basic pizza from Domino’s.

Domino’s Pizza Customer Service


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