Cyberjaya Hospital Remained Unopened

Cyberjaya Hospital, August 2020
Cyberjaya Hospital, August 2020

CYBERJAYA, 18 May 2021: Cyberjaya Hospital will be vacant for a foreseeable future. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has put too much strain on the Malaysian healthcare system and new hospitals are currently not able to be opened. This includes Cyberjaya Hospital, which will remain unopened for now.

Cyberjaya Hospital Remained Unopened, Why?

Sources from other facility owned by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) pointed out that the hospital previously was not able to be opened in time due to lack of manpower. The planned workforce for the hospital were currently being placed at existing facilities to assist KKM in combating the pandemic.

With the daily new COVID-19 case number soaring above 4,000 daily, Malaysia is dealing with increasingly challenging environment. Its own healthcare workforce is strained and recently we are seeing the tools and equipments are facing the same challenge as well. The Star today reported that more beds will be put for MAEPS PKRC facility as well as ICU.

Previously, The Malay Mail reported that equipments from Cyberjaya Hospital will be distributed to four different hospitals around Klang Valley to alleviate their burden in treating patients with COVID-19. The Health Minister stated that after a working visit to Cyberjaya Hospital on 11 May 2021.

Planning of Public Facilities

With allocation of manpower and equipments are more directed to existing facilities, it is unsure of what the authorities are planning to do with Cyberjaya Hospital and Cyberjaya residents. As the Cyberjaya Hospital remained unopened and the population is growing, the residents are left with no choice but to go to other healthcare facilities. Apart from that, some of the residents are also raising concern on the schoolgoing children population at Cyberjaya. This adds more pressure to the authorities in improving the quality of government service to the public.

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