Hospital Cyberjaya for COVID-19 Treatment

Hospital Cyberjaya (2020)
Hospital Cyberjaya (2020)

CYBERJAYA, 23 May 2021: Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH/KKM) is looking at the possibility of using Hospital Cyberjaya as the treatment centre for COVID-19 patients. This is because of the sharp increase in the number of patients seeking treatment for COVID-19. Malaysiakini has reported that the ministry is considering to utilise the hospital together with Hospital Pakar Kanak-kanak Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HPKK UKM) as COVID-19 treatment centre.

Hospital Cyberjaya for COVID-19 Patients

As of today, Hospital Cyberjaya is not opened to the public yet. The hospital looks almost complete from the outside. What we need desperately now is the equipment and supplies as well as adequate manpower to operate the hospital.

By specialising in COVID-19 treatment, the hospital is able to allocate the resources in a more efficient way. The building has better construction standards. Overall, the building is more ready to handle patients and requires less maintenance and repair.

We hope that the government is able to utilise its existing resources more effectively and able to contain the pandemic within time. The hospital should be able to cater the need to treat the residents of Cyberjaya and its surrounding areas.

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