AstraZeneca Booking System: How Can It Be Better

Hospital Cyberjaya (2020)
Hospital Cyberjaya (2020)

CYBERJAYA, 26 May 2021: Many Malaysians voiced their frustrations online on AstraZeneca Vaccine system booking on JKJAV’s website, Complaints about unresponsive site and green-but-full booking slots indicating the company is not competent to handle huge amount of bookings at once.

Since there have been multiple times of booking sessions before, enormous traffic amount is not uncommon. As such, JKJAV is obligated to seek a feasible solution that can handle high traffic effectively.

Lucky Draw System for JKJAV’s AstraZeneca Booking System

As limited places are available at the healthcare facilities, more people are scrambling to vaccinate themselves. By using first-come-first-serve system, the inability to cater for large number of applicants at once has left them fuming. Or we can implement the lucky draw system.

Day 1 (24-hour period): Allow everyone to register. Don’t use first-come-first serve if your system is not able to handle the crowd. Give everyone opportunity. That way, no one has to rush at a specific period of time in order to “be early”. They can choose their preferred slot (Choice A, B and C).

Day 2: Participants can login again to determine whether they have succeeded or not. They will be notified on which slot they have obtained. They are given 24 hours to confirm their appointment.

Day 3: Re-registration for those who have registered in Day 1 only. Quota will be taken from those who have failed to confirm their appointment on Day 2.


The system has the capability to take in as many registration as possible on Day 1. Filling the empty slots won’t be difficult because of limited number of applicants only on Day 2 and Day 3.

Ability to edit or cancel appointments in an easy way (rather than having to call, email or visit any location assigned by JKJAV for the purpose of appointment rescheduling).

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