Smart Home Guide 2021: Malaysian Edition

Smart Switch in Operation
Smart Switch in Operation

We are compiling information on smart home system. As such, we would like to share information about smart home implementation in Malaysia with Smart Home Guide 2021: Malaysian Edition.

Setting up a smart home can be tedious. However, the good news is you can always start small. Most people would start with vendor-specific smart app then integrate it together via Apple HomeKit or Google Home. You can even start with as small as one smart device and expand it later.

Smart Home Guide 2021: Malaysian Edition – Apple HomeKit vs Google Home

It depends on your choice of devices. If you already have a lot of Apple Devices at Home, then it is recommended to utilise Apple HomeKit compatible devices.

If you don’t mind, then it is best to stick with Google Home-compatible devices. This is because a lot of devices sold in the market

Smart Home App System

Most of the time, vendors will provide a compatible app for you to use. Details are as follows:

Smart Life / Tuya: Smart Life and Tuya are compatible with each other. However, our recommendation would be to use Smart Life.

Samsung SmartThings: SmartThings is a smart home app offered by Samsung. It allows you to operate supported Samsung smart devices at home such as TV and air conditioner.

LG ThinQ: ThinQ is a smart home ecosystem powered by LG. Similar like SmartThings, you can control a number of supported smart devices using the app.

Communication Protocol

WiFi: Needless to say, WiFi is a must for you to run smart home.

Zigbee: Zigbee is a low-cost, low-power, wireless mesh network standard. If you intend to use Zigbee smart devices, then you will need to have a Zigbee hub.

Smart Switches

Smart switch functions much like your regular rocker switch. However, they are equipped with smart features such as remote power on / power off and timer.

If your home wiring does not have neutral wire at the switches, then you will need to use capacitor at the electrical connection.

Smart Power Outlets

Smart Power Outlets can give you more control on any electrical device that you connect to the smart outlet. Features include on/off scheduling, countdown timer, and power usage information.

Preparing Network

Internet connection: Fibre is recommended. However, if fibre connection is not available, any internet connection such as copper wire (DSL) or cellular is fine.

Network connection: Having a robust home network is recommended. Invest in a good router.

Care to read more? Take your time to learn more about preparing home network with our own Home Networking setup guide.


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