What is Strict SOP

Cyberjaya Hospital, August 2020
Cyberjaya Hospital, August 2020

What is Strict SOP? Apparently, strict SOP is a definition of a version of Standard Operating Procedure on COVID-19 prevention. It is never officially defined but the government officials coined the term several times when they talk to the press. The term is usually used when people want to give some leeway in the current COVID-19 prevention practice and would like to reiterate their commitment in the disease’s prevention. Hence, the commitment to practice it “strictly”.

What is Strict SOP to us?

When we talk about strict SOP, does that mean “loose SOPs” exists? If strict SOP exists, does that mean all other SOPs are considered as “loose SOPs”?

There should not be any version of strict or less strict SOPs. Rules are meant to be followed, not bent to anyone’s liking.

If we go to the extent of telling people that we need strict SOPs, then it shows how we exhibit lackadaisical attitude towards other SOPs currently in place.

Is there such thing as “Relaxed SOP”?

Depends on how you define Relaxed SOP. In some media report, relaxed SOP indicates a version of the SOP that is made more relaxed by introducing more relaxed rules.


Cops to enforce strict SOP compliance following circulation of pictures of crowds at Kuala S’gor beach | The Star

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