2022 Vaccination Guide for Malaysians

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Here, we would like to share 2022 Vaccination Guide for Malaysians. Disclaimer: Strictly consult a medical professional before taking any medical-related action on yourself or loved ones. It is important to consult a doctor to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date and accurate information.

The information provided on this page serves as a guidance only.

Vaccines for Malaysian Children

Pneumococcal: Recently, the Malaysian government has included Pneumococcal vaccine for all children effective November 2020. There are two types of Pneumococcal vaccine commonly found in Malaysia, namely Prevenar-13 and Synflorix-10. The one given by Malaysian government is Synflorix-10.

Rotavirus: There are two types of rotavirus vaccine commonly found in Malaysia, namely Rotarix and Rotateq.

Female-specific Vaccines

HPV: The Malaysian Government has stopped giving free HPV vaccines under MyHPV programmes. Previously, it was given under Klinik Nur Sejahtera (KNS) LPPKN.

Now, Klinik Hazra in Cyberjaya offers two types of HPV vaccine, namely Gardasil 4 at RM 290.00 per dose and Gardasil 9 at RM 450 per dose. More information on their Facebook page.

If you are looking for the latest revision of Program Imunisasi Kebangsaan for your children, check out this post.

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