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With over 100,000 residents currently staying in Cyberjaya, you can expect to find a great selection of nurseries (taman asuhan kanak-kanak, taska) in Cyberjaya. In this article, we are going to share with you a list of nurseries in Cyberjaya.

Choosing the best nursery for your loved one can be a tedious task. Many of Cyberjaya residents are young parents who have just move in to the city. The following list is a compilation of businesses providing child care services in Cyberjaya.

Babes n Tots

Babes n Tots are among the popular ones in Cyberjaya. In Cyberjaya alone, they have 5 centres and 1 in Hospital Serdang hospital premises.

The price is quite cheap. However, parents need to climb a flight of stairs as the centre is located at Level 1 of the building. Check out their website at

House of Babies

House of Babies (HOB) is one of the premium childcare centre in Malaysia. The infants are well-placed at the baby cots available. They focus on caring for babies from 2 months until 24 months old.

The fee structure for House of Babies (updated on December 2018) is the following:

  • Registration: RM 500
  • Deposit: RM 1,200.00
  • Monthly fees: RM 1,200.00
  • Total to be paid upon enrollment: RM 2,900.00.

Check out their website here:

Orion Childcare

Orion Child Care Centre (OCCC) is a childcare centre located just one floor up from Orion Clinic at Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya.

A special feature about this childcare is it is being led by medical doctors who also operate the clinic downstairs. Children under Orion Child Care Centre are able to get immediate medical attention should any medical emergency arise.

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve Preschool is located at Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya. It is highly accessible as the entrance is at ground floor of Tamarind Square.

Check out their website here.

What You Need to Know Before Sending Your Kids to the Nurseries

Here are some of the things that you probably would want to know before

Nursery Deposit Payment

Many of the nurseries collect deposit payment as a form of financial security for them. Usually, if parents want to end their nursery commitment, they just need to give one month notice and the final month payment will be absorbed from the deposit taken during initial enrollment.

Child to Carer Ratio

The government has prescribed minimum 3-to-1 ratio for childcare services in Malaysia. As such, if you enquire about the ratio of staffining for your infant, most of the nurseries above specify

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