Snapchat Blamed for 107mph Crash

April 26 2016, USA: Wentworth Maynard has filed a lawsuit against Christal McGee and Snapchat for being responsible in an accident. The accident has caused Maynard to suffer from traumatic brain injury, the lawsuit said.

Snapchat, along with McGee was blamed for causing the accident. McGee was capturing herself in a selfie with “speed filter”, a feature in Snapchat that allows picture taken with speed of the device (which also means the speed of car).

What’s even worse is a passenger in McGee’s car claimed she had hit 113 mph, faster than originally claimed in the compliant.

Snapchat has declined to comment on the lawsuit but added that “the app has always included a warning not to use it while driving”.

While driving itself can be a fun and enjoyable, drivers are getting more distracted than ever, especially with the advent of smartphones and social media platforms.

Source: CNN Money report

Reliance Optical Centre, Bangsar

Finding a good optometrist can be a tiresome journey for most of us, especially the one with speactacles or contact lenses. Admit it, without them, we cannot live our life properly. Seeing the beauty of the world and everything in it, anyone?

Therefore, it is important to look for the best one when it comes to getting new spectacles, or contact lens. A simple Google search would reveal several shops around Kuala Lumpur but this time we decided to explore on Yelp instead.

For those who are not familiar with Yelp, it is a review website, comprising mainly restaurants but other kind of retail outlets are also included.

We discovered Reliance Optical Centre, an optometrist with excellent customer service as said by the reviewers on the site.

It opens everyday from 10 AM to 10 PM, except on Sundays where it closes at 3 PM. Most users talk about how friendly the shop assistants are. Besides, the price is reasonably good and one does not simply find one retail outlet with cheap price along Jalan Telawi, Bangsar.

Read more reviews here on Yelp site.


Jaya Grocer, DPULZE Shopping Centre

Store Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.

I like Jaya Grocer because they are strategically located and offers good stuff.
So what are the good stuff am I talking about?

1) Turnip aka “Sengkuang”. Finding good turnip can be quite a challenge. One does not simply walk into a grocery store and buy turnips. You might end up getting the ones that are not so fresh. On the other hand, usually the ones I bought from Jaya Grocer is fresh and tastes nice.

2) St. Dalfour Blueberry Fruit Jam. No sugar added. Whole fruit goodness. Priced at slightly above RM 10, I would think twice before I “splurge” the jam on my bread.

Yeah, another shot of it.

¬†3) AriZona Green Tea with Ginseng. The can is huge. Really huge. 680 ml. It’s not too sweet (for this flavor).
Andddd this is AriZona.


Restoran Shahnaz Maju, Shaftsbury Square


Restoran Shahnaz Maju, Shaftsbury Square
Restoran Shahnaz Maju, Shaftsbury Square

The restaurant opens 24 hours a day.

Service is decent with food served quite fast. I think it’s because there was just several people in the restaurant.

However, when I want to make payment, the cashier said it’s RM 5.50. I thought that is quite expensive so I requested for receipt.

They did not issue me receipt (I have to request to get one) though at the first place.

Right after I told the cashier about that, he said the actual amount is RM 5.30.

So who will take my RM 0.30 if I just continued with my payment?

You already overcharged me for nasi putih and telur mata kerbau so I am definitely unhappy if you want to charge for items you did not specify in your receipt.