Restoran Shahnaz Maju, Shaftsbury Square

Restoran Shahnaz Maju, Cyberjaya - October 2015
Restoran Shahnaz Maju, Cyberjaya - October 2015

The restaurant opens 24 hours a day.

Service is decent with food served quite fast. I think it’s because there was just several people in the restaurant.

However, when I want to make payment, the cashier said it’s RM 5.50. I thought that is quite expensive so I requested for receipt.

They did not issue me receipt (I have to request to get one) though at the first place.

Right after I told the cashier about that, he said the actual amount is RM 5.30.

So who will take my RM 0.30 if I just continued with my payment?

You already overcharged me for nasi putih and telur mata kerbau so I am definitely unhappy if you want to charge for items you did not specify in your receipt.

Update 3 July 2021: The restaurant has either rebranded or bought over because a new restaurant is also operating at the same place.

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