Tabung Haji Fund Transfer

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Back then, dealing with Tabung Haji can be quite a challenge. Therefore, many people would just deposit some money in their account seldomly. Transactions are less common and they need to go to the any of the Tabung Haji branch to carry out their transactions. Therefore, in this article, we will share information with you on Tabung Haji fund transfer.

With the proliferation of online financial services, Tabung Haji has also enabled online access for its account holders via its panel of banks, such as Bank Islam, Maybank and CIMB.

Fund Transfer Maybank2U – TH

Put RM 100 as the amount. Maybank will automatically deduct additional RM 1 from origin amount (TH). The same rule also applies if you are transferring money from TH account to Maybank.

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