Baby Care Guide

Chicco Keyfit 35 Box, August 2021
Chicco Keyfit 35 Box, August 2021

This guide aims to compile information related to baby care. Disclaimer: Consult medical professionals for any medical advice. We are not responsible for any kind of damage resulted from any material that you consume from this website.

Finding the Right Milk Bottle for Your Baby

It is common to be confused in the beginning,

Philips Avent Natural vs Classic: Classic is the old version, and it even has an anti-colic device to be assembled together with the bottle. However, we recommend to use the Philips Avent Natural instead. The teat is softer and the bottles are easier to wash and clean after usage.

My Baby Has Runny Nose

Use Sterimar to moisten and make the mucus less thick. As the solution is saline, it won’t hurt your baby. But keep in mind that the baby would feel uncomfortable.

Sterimar Breathe Easy Baby: This version of Sterimar is designed for babies from 0 to 3 years old.

Sterimar Microspray: Suitable for whole family. If you have nasal congestion, this may help you

Starting with Solid Food

When Can My Baby Start Eating Solid Foods? (for Parents) – Nemours KidsHealth

Should I Use Air Purifier?

Yes you should. Not all air purifiers are expensive. Most of them require huge upfront but you can also opt for the models with monthly subscription costs.

CADR value / room capacity: Use air purifier with the right capacity for your room or space.

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