Restoran Murni Discovery, Bukit Jalil

Murni Discovery Bukit Jalil, Mac 2017
Murni Discovery Bukit Jalil, Mac 2017

Murni Discovery is a small restaurant chain based in Malaysia. They have a number of outlets around Klang Valley area and one of them is in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Check out their website here. However, there is not much information about the history of the restaurant chain or who are the people behind it.

The restaurant chain is best known for its wide selection of menus at a reasonable price (for Western Food and many other items) and mamak-like atmosphere. However, some patrons may find their pricing to be a bit expensive. Nevertheless, it still can give you great value for money.

Ordering at Murni Discovery

Ordering at Murni is easy, even for first-timers. As this is not a self-service outlet, you can expect their friendly team of waitstaff to attend to your needs. The waiters will take your order with a tablet at their hand, reducing the probability of an error occurring. Apart from that, their menu booklet is also nice to look at with pictures and price information clearly available.

Other Interesting Menu Items

Another great menu to try at their outlet is Chicken Chop. This is because with the reasonable price that you pay, you will get a generous portion of chicken chop together with several sides. Other than regular Chicken Chop, you can order Chicken Chop Special. It combines two boneless chicken pieces with cheese in between.

Sizzling Chicken Chop, Mac 2017
Sizzling Chicken Chop, Mac 2017

Our personal favorite would be Sizzling Mixed Grill. It has a combination of boneless chicken, beef as well as lamb (with bones). Do not be surprised as the Sizzling Mixed Grill, like other sizzling menu items, will arrive at your table piping hot. As you can see on the picture below, there were still a lot of smokes/vapors coming out of the pan!

Apart from Western menu items, Murni Discovery is also known for its Mee Raja (TripAdvisor,, Nasi Goreng

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