Pregnancy Guide for Malaysians

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Pregnancy guide or Malaysians. This guide is still in its initial stage and more information will be added as necessary.

Checking and Verifying Your Pregnancy

In the early stage of the pregnancy, the amount of hormones can be negligible and not detectable in some tests.

Government or Private?

Private Clinic: Private clinic can be the most convenient option for most mothers. Unlike hospitals, clinics are usually nearer to residential areas and the wait time is lower. Besides, getting yourself checked at private clinic also means you are getting more personalised service. There is a good chance that the doctor knows you well.

Private Hospital: Hospitals are obviously bigger than clinics and usually offers wider choice of doctors/specialists and better facilities compared to smaller clinics.

Government Clinic/Hospital: Expecting mothers can expect to receive complimentary medical attention at government healthcare facilities. The Malaysian government is very supportive towards family institution, and probably that is why pregnancy checkups are free at government hospitals or clinics. However, keep in mind that in most cases, only the mother is allowed in during the procedures or checkups. So, dads, in case if you would like to accompany the mother of your child to meet O&G doctor/specialist, private healthcare facilities are a great option.

In Cyberjaya, among the private clinics for expectant mothers include Klinik Hazra and Klinik U.N.I.

First Trimester (Week 1 to 12)

At 9-10 weeks of pregnancy, the mother can opt for Non-invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT). This test draws blood from the mother and largely risk-free as there is no sample taken from the baby or its amniotic fluid. It can detect chromosomal abnormalities in the early stage of pregnancy (as early as 9 weeks). Therefore, intervention can be made early on, reducing risk to the mother as well as the baby.

Second Trimester (Week 13 to 24)

As the foetus is developing in the mother’s uterus, the mother need to take good care of herself.

Smoking, alcohol and drug consumption is stated to be among the factors of premature birth. Hence, throughout your pregnancy, it is advisable not to consume all those things and/or go near people who are smoking.

Third Trimester (Week 25 to 40)

During this stage, the foetus is growing bigger, and the mother may feel more prone to lethargy. As such, having adequate amount of rest is highly recommended.

The mother may need more frequent massage at the back or feet due to the growing foetus.

Planning for your Childbirth

If you are giving birth at a private hospital in Malaysia and no insurance coverage, it is advisable to prepare up to RM 30,000.00 of cash or credit line available. Most normal birth will cost between RM 5,000.00 to RM 8,000.00. However, complications may arise and any additional procedures required will lead to additional charge being incurred.

Keep in mind that for most admissions, every procedure is chargeable and it can appear as steep for some parents. Therefore, it is important for the parents that they have sufficient backup funds should any complications arise.

During the admission, the private hospital may take in around RM 3,000.00 for admission deposit. The amount and procedures differ from one another.

If you plan on giving birth at a government hospital, you may discuss you birth plan during final prenatal checkup at your nearest Klinik Kesihatan. As your due date approaches, be mindful of the symptoms.

After Birth

Once your little one comes out, you probably need to look for a nursery service to take care of your baby. Do not wait until your maternity leave ends. Instead, planning early can help you, especially in terms of financial commitment.

Check out our list of nurseries in Cyberjaya.

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