We started our operation in 2008 with an intention to help people looking for accurate and reliable information on the internet.

We realize some of us have no time to look for the right information and filter out the wrong ones. Therefore, on 10 August 2017, we have decided to establish our premium information assistance service, BPDX. On 28 March 2020, the service is rebranded to CyberAssist.

To use our service, refer to steps below:

Step 1: Contact us

  • Contact us with your question and how you expect us to answer your question.

Step 2: Make Payment

  • Within 12 hours after your e-mail, you will receive a simple quotation on how much you will be charged, based on the the nature of the service required.
  • Payments can be made according to the instruction given.

Step 3: Receive Your Information

  • After the payment has been verified by our staff, we will get back to you with answers within 24 hours.
  • If we fail to give you answer in 24 hours, 100% of your money will be refunded.

Terms and Conditions

By pressing the “Submit” button, you agree with us sending you and email using the information provided above. You have also agreed to have your information processed by us as necessary.

Anda akan dicaj berdasarkan tempoh masa dan kepakaran yang diperlukan bagi menjawab persoalan.

Sekiranya anda tidak bersetuju dengan kadar caj yang ditetapkan oleh pihak kami, anda boleh memilih untuk tidak meneruskan transaksi.

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