Cyberjaya 24/7 Guide (2021 Edition)

Neo Cyber, Cyberjaya - January 2021
Neo Cyber, Cyberjaya - January 2021

For each city, there is some part that never sleeps. In Cyberjaya 24/7 Guide (2021 Edition), we aim to provide a list of all outlets in Cyberjaya that operates round the clock.

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The following is a list of clinics in Cyberjaya that is open for 24 hours.

Qualitas SV Care: This clinic is located on the opposite side of the road from Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya. This clinic provides various medical service and is open for 24 hours. Parking is ample but after hours can be a bit scary to some. This is because the other businesses in the area do not operate beyond 10 PM.

Rizq Clinic: This clinic is located at Lingkaran Cyber Point Timur, Cyberjaya.








Archprint: This shop opens 24/7. It provides printing and photocopy. A number of other printing services are also available, such as printing on souvenir items and bunting.


  1. SV CARE
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