McDonald’s GCB (Real Photos)

MxDonald's GCB, Sep 2021
MxDonald's GCB, Sep 2021

Want to see how an actual GCB looks like? You are at the right page. This GCB is purchased from McDonald’s Cyberjaya.

McDonald’s has never officially confirmed what is the long name for GCB but it is believed to be an acronym for “Grilled Chicken Burger”.

MxDonald's GCB (Inside), Sep 2021
MxDonald’s GCB (Inside), Sep 2021

McDonald’s is now putting the burger inside a regular paper wrap. While this is certainly not in the box like some other burgers, it is more environment friendly. Like most other burgers served by them, the sauces aren’t in the burger by default. If you want to put some sauce in it, you have to put it by yourself.

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