Digital eXpert (DX)

Ever think about the clutter in your house or car? How about the mess from the last weekend’s road trip? Have you cleaned the house after having 20 guests coming over for the last night’s birthday party?

After some degree of heavy usage, your house or car definitely need some cleaning.

The same principle also applies to your computer. While the Operating System (OS) of the computer has become so advanced these days to the extent that it can clean by itself, human intervention is still needed in most cases to ensure that your computer remains secure and fast.

Device Maintenance Service

Our flagship product, the Device Maintenance Service ensures your device stays up-to-date with the latest security fixes and essential feature upgrades. We will ensure your device 1) Free from data errors 2) Updated with the latest features and security fixes 3) Fast. These can be done by doing various tune-up processes.


Our Guarantee

100% genuine software: pirated software is illegal and often infested with malware. Unfortunately, some of them are not easily detected.

100% secured data: your data is always under your control. We give our customers the option to have their computer serviced at their own location.

100% honest recommendations: we don’t sell any software or hardware to you directly.