COVID-19: Fighting Rumours with Facts

Since early 2020, Malaysians have been talking about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) all over social platforms including social media and social messaging. Earlier today on 19 March 2020, one fake news even suggested that military helicopters will be involved in “disinfecting” the country from COVID-19. If helicopters are being used, one should wonder how many of it is required to spray whole Kuala Lumpur area (and subsequently, whole country). It is simply technically impossible to carry out such thing (read: that is a fake news).

Every day, the authorities have to spend their time answering questions from the citizens or even journalists about some fake news items being spread throughout the social platforms. Malaysian Commission of Multimedia and Communication (MCMC) has also set up a dedicated website to combat fake news ( The website is updated regularly, even during crisis times such as during the Movement Control Order (MCO). However, many of the news outlets are not highlighting the website as a trustworthy medium to verify the authenticity of fake news circulating around us.

The occurence of COVID-19 outbreak this year has brought many new thing to us. For example, the National Security Council (Majlis Keselamatan Negara – MKN) has published a list of social media / messaging platforms that the citizens can refer to in order to get latest information.

Ministry of Health (MOH) has also being careful with the amount of information that they release to the public. In an apparent compliance with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010, MOH has never release any personally-identifiable information regarding its patients. Indeed, the collective responsibility carried out by MOH employees to safeguard patients’ information is something that everyone should applaud.

A fake FAQ list has also prompted the actual one to come out. The fake FAQ has been circulating around since 18 March 2020 while the authentic one was published only on 19 March 2020. Due to tremendous amount of queries received from the public, it prompts the government to come up with an actual one. The fake one looks totally legitimate though. 

Risk profile of PNB118 Tower as Part of Warisan Merdeka Development Plan

To assess investment performance, we are able to look at the annual report of our investment (ASB investors can refer to ASB annual report). As a concerned investor, we can always carry out in-depth study of the project background as well as its risk profile. Since our investment with PNB is easy to liquidate, if we don’t trust PNB anymore in investing our money, there are other investment options for us to use.

Investing in high-risk business may expose them to bigger potential of losing their wealth. Therefore, in order to keep their investors from investing somewhere else, they need to keep on investing in low risk sectors while maximizing profit.

A little bit of background regarding the 14.5ha land purchase (location of Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara):

16 years ago, PNB paid RM 220 per sqft to Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Bhd. 10 years later, the market value of the land has appreciated to RM 800 per sqft (source:–a-beacon-to-pnbs-future/). I think they already made some profit there.

Instead of cashing in the profit, they decided to grow it by doing more development to surrouding land while preserving heritage value of those two buildings mentioned before.

The project is handled by PNB Merdeka Ventures Sdn Bhd, a company wholly-owned by PNB. As a concerned citizen (and investor), there are many opportunities for us to voice out our concerns and learn more about the project so that opportunists won’t be able to take advantage of our ignorance.

Kenapa Fresh Grad Dibayar Gaji yang Sedikit

Bahasa Inggeris teruk, bagi presentation tak buleh, runding dengan orang tak reti, Microsoft Office skills ke laut, ada hati mau minta gaji banyak. Bukan majikan takmau bagi gaji banyak, tapi kalau kita tak pandai buat kerja, majikan jugak terpaksa tanggung kerugian. Contohnya, kalau kita salah print, kena print sekali lagi. Siapa bayar kos kertas dakwat dan printer tu? Semestinya majikan kita, walaupun kesalahan tu kesalahan kita.
Kepada yang sedang bekerja tetapi gaji tak cukup (yela kot teringin nak pakai Civic baru), jangan bimbang. Jika anda berkebolehan, bakal majikan anda pastinya akan mampu melabur untuk anda (menggaji anda). Tapi kalau takda, mungkin anda belum cukup competency kot? Teruskan berusaha ya. Make the best out of what we have.